Sunday Special: Cannabis history and our pledge to you…

The TRUCE blog is all about education. We have a select readership of those mostly actively interested in and, from our feedback, sympathetic to medical cannabis.

We see you as influencers in your communities. If you read us regularly, you know much more about the medical cannabis than the average Utahn (including, ahem, some who OUGHT to know even better), and during this initiative campaign, you’ll be able to shine light in quarters where myths and stereotypes still often rule the roost.

Our mission, then, is to bring you the most accurate information on the important, emerging field of cannabis medicine – a specialty as new as the latest research tools and as old as a consistent line of clinical reports going back 8,000 years..

So no fudging or “homer stories” ever. Pinkie promise.

Yes, we gravitate to validated studies showing strong proven or promising results… …because they cumulatively show great medical value supporting both the present and growing promise of medical cannabis. And we’ll debunk false data as well. We’re all volunteers, nearly all patients or caretakers and most aren’t trained research scientists – though a number of professionals are lately joining our volunteer effort, which helps us do an even better job. But yes we make a few mistakes too.

We will own up to any factual errors and we’ll also tackle the tough questions we get asked. Medical cannabis can have (relatively rare) downsides, isn’t a cure all or 100.00% developed… …but then, nothing in this world is, is it…??

We hope, then, you feel confidence in what you find here and pass it on freely. Face to face with people you know, sharing our posts, commenting, inviting friends to the page, etc. You’re more important to this effort than you know….

That said, we blog:

1) News about the field – in Utah, the nation, the world, government news (state, federal, etc.), legislative and policy news, etc.

2) New and accumulating medical findings. Some we return to as we’re constantly adding new readers, but we do that with different and often brand new articles. There’s so much out there!

3) Providing context for the role of medical cannabis and social policy – e.g., history, essays, films, etc..

The trees make more sense when you know more about the forest. So that’s our featured topic today – how US cannabis prohibition began in the 1920’s, culminating with the “Marihuana Tax Stamp Act of 1937” (and learn why TRUCE always says “cannabis” instead of “marijuana”!).

Bonus: Here’s another excellent (and detailed) take you may want to read: “How Cannabis Became Marijuana” by Dr. David Bearman…

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