Masking pain with powerful drugs administered by team-paid physicians – often in direct contravention of manufacturers’ recommendations – is a way of life in the NFL. And all the while the league has refused to allow medicinal cannabis – even in medical states – for various reasons, none of which are primarily medical.

This former player, whose career was ended by the punishment the game deals out not, only forged a NFL professional career, he’s become an MD who aims to change the way the league deals with medication and injury management… …by “taking healing into his own hands.”

Excerpts (much more in the article, including two videos)…

“Toward the end of his playing career, Herve Damas became fascinated with health and wellness.

‘My journey into medicine started when I was with the Buffalo Bills. I suffered what’s referred to as a ‘terrible triad’ injury, tearing my ACL, MCL, and PCL, as well as meniscus damage,’ Dr. Damas explained. ‘It ended my career and my childhood dream was gone.’

With serious medical procedures came prescription remedies and serious implications such as troubling side effects and the insurmountable likelihood of addiction.

‘I finally smoked cannabis and my world opened up. I could sleep and my psychological issues and sleeping problems felt alleviated’.”

His transformational path from on the field punisher to in the office healer took 12 years of study and training.

“‘I wanted to help fellow athletes. I went to a retired players chapter meeting and said, ‘okay, here’s what I want to do.’ I established a small population of NFL players and their families and there was an overwhelming response.

Messages poured in detailing stories of cognitive impairment, early dementia, etc. Everything you hear about with football players, I saw for myself. Blowing my knee out saved me in a way. I empathize with them though. I suffered too.’

Damas was well versed in locker room pain relief techniques that, for many, included opioids [and other dangerous drugs – see article] passed out like candy.

‘Most players do not like prescription drugs. In fact, they literally hate them. They fear [addicting] opioids, so guys will drink alcohol or try to self-medicate with marijuana. Players understand they are a commodity more than a person in the eyes of the league and the team-hired doctors.’

He is currently involved in a research study to explore the benefits of CBD for elite athletes… …which will evaluate the effects of CBD as a pain management tool for former elite-level athletes including football, hockey, and basketball players.

‘The hope is that by pounding down the doors of the different leagues with data, the science will speak for itself.’

Damas believes cannabis can offer not only a solution for pain but also the mental toll pain and addiction can take on a person’s life.”

We wish him well in his quest….

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