Monopoly medicine vs patient preferences….

Companies who have ’em are very comfortable in near monopoly situations where, as in the drug industry, a small number of companies effectively control a huge lucrative market with high product demand.

From a marketing point of view, the old phrase “it’s like shooting fish in a barrel” comes to mind.

The players are also after each other, but when an upstart competitor with an entirely different business model comes along – and is threatening to take away some of their lunch money – from all of them at once yet – it’s amazing how they and their allies in government regulatory agencies and other parts of the established medical community can effectively act in an “all for one/one for all” manner, uniting to crush the interloper.

Especially when their competitor is oh, say, cannabis – an unpatentable, very much in demand, lower cost, relatively easy to produce highly medicinal plant. Leaving the most effective strategy (from their point view) keeping it out of the market by maintaining its illegal or at least restricted status wherever possible for as long as possible.

Because, as this article clearly shows, when given a chance to choose pharmaceutical agents, increasing numbers of patients – all over the world – are picking medicinal cannabis products over single-molecule prescription drugs with their more concerning (and toxic) side effect profiles and often lesser efficacy.

“Another study has determined medical cannabis is displacing the use of other prescription drugs…

…46% [of those surveyed] reported using cannabis as a substitute for prescription drugs; most commonly narcotics/opioids (35.8%), anxiolytics/benzodiazepines (13.6%) and antidepressants (12.7%).

…All 50 US states were represented in the study, along with respondents in 42 countries.”

Much more of interest in the linked story… …including multiple links to supporting studies.

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