The CBD Hemp Oil Crackdown: More on the National story -which as you doubtless know by now very much includes Utah.

This feature length story – which came to our attention a few days ago – came out before the latest developments here – and so we saw no reason not to hold it until today so it wouldn’t get lost in New Year’s hoopla)….

We don’t know if this whole series of semi-independent, but clearly-related events in various states and at the federal level is a bump in the medical cannabis road – or whether it’s the start of something larger (for better or worse), but Project CBD (an organization which TRUCE accords a great degree of credibility) is reporting the following (dated Nov. 10, 2017):


-The FDA has issued more warning letters to hemp CBD companies for making unsubstantiated medical claims.

-A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association indicated that 69 percent of hemp CBD products tested did not contain the amount of cannabidiol indicated on the label.

-Sporadic police raids continue to target CBD retailers in several states.

-A legal battle over the status of hemp-derived CBD looms in federal court.”

Much more relevant detail about law, history and what’s possibly down the road in an important read.

Some of these developments have been foreshadowed for months, but the actual events are beginning to weave their own tapestry with important implications locally and nationally going forward which we’ll do our best to keep you up on in the most accurate way we can.

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See full article – More FDA Warnings, Mislabeled CBD Products & Police Raids | Project CBD