Utah politics are a national story again. Here’s a view from Seattle with a few takeaways…

When you’re a mouse scurrying among lead-footed elephants tromping around, as the medicinal cannabis movement is, over time you tend to get a sense of how they move, and we think this take about why LDS leadership chose now to release their new “legal analysis” is apt:

“The church had previously sided with opponents of the ballot initiative, but the Friday statement adds additional rationale for its position and comes at a crucial moment for those trying to prevent the question from reaching the ballot.”

The UMA/DSU nullification campaign was designed to have succeeded in short-circuiting the democratic process days ago given the loophole allowing people to come hard at those who merely signed a petition – in their mailbox, on their phones and at their doors – chipping away in precisely targeted aeas after a small number of voters – while no signatures can be added.

However, TRUCE and UPC have made friends across the state who’ve resented this and we’ve been able to significantly slow DSU’s game plan by sharing their unethical (and some likely illegal) tactics.

So, knowing it’s easier to move a tiny slice of voters than to change the opinions of the entire state, this move feels calculated more to kill the UMCI in its crib than aimed at the fall election.

Resist and report! We’re still gathering stories and documentation of abuses by those in the campaign and will submit your info to those gathering evidence of irregularities.

Here’s another revealing quote:

“Mark Fotheringham, a spokesman for the UMA, which opposes the initiative, said the claims [of serious irregularities] don’t have any merit. ‘This whole issue tends to bring out the craziness in everybody,’ he said.”

Well, he’s partly right. Of course he’s totally wrong about the claims having no merit, because we’re close to the evidence and we know these events have happened.

What we DON’T have is any evidence of canvassers or mailers ACTUALLY ACTING ETHICALLY. All we hear are the complaints about how the whole campaign is dishonest, manipulative, low-ball, invasive, aggressive, and unfair.

He does get half of the “craziness” part right: This issue def brings out a special degree of unhinged passion – but nearly exclusively among opponents – a kind of “anti-reefer madness” much stronger than they anything they feel about opioids, alcohol, tobacco, meth, etc., none of which are safe medicines the way cannabis is.

The mere mention of the word leads otherwise generally rational people to make the most bizarre assertions backed by virtually nothing no matter how many facts you share with them.

We call it “Cannaphobia.”

Meanwhile, keep networking with your neighbors to arm them against the misleading DSU campaign. The elephants will be tramping around in force until 5:00pm Tuesday….

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