Something to give thanks for: The truth is not only out there, but as this story shows, our institutions are (too slowly but fairly surely) starting to recognize it….

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This is about a state-level ruling in New Jersey, but it resembles the case being being brought in another – federal – lawsuit we’ve posted info about several times now, and which could lead to mandatory federal reclassification of cannabis’ status in medical cases.

As this suit illustrates, most (or all?) of the states also adopted “schedules” similar to those at the federal level after the passage of the initial major Drug Wars law – the Controlled Substances Act” at the beginning of the 1970s. Utah also has its own “Drug schedules” for many substances, not all of which are exactly the same as those on the federal level.

The ruling here doesn’t attempt to do away with the schedules, rather directs the state of NJ to change cannabis’ classification in particular. Since the ruling is being appealed by the NJ Attorney General’s office, no final action can be taken until the appeals are exhausted (if the finding is upheld).

“‘Medical benefits from the use of marijuana not known in 1971… ..and impediments to its lawful use as a result of its Schedule 1 classification, are abundant and glaringly apparent now,’ the opinion said.”

Given that language, we are encouraged that federal courts just might recognize much of the same logic employed by the plaintiffs in this case.

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