A bevy of reform measures are popping up at the federal level, and public support from mainstream, not insubstantial organizations is growing by the day.

The proposal below would simply give states BACK the same power over cannabis that they’ve long had over liquor, and would remove the heavy federal thumb on the scale which has made getting to rational policy a tortuous process.

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) recently approved a resolution urging cannabis be removed from the Controlled Substances Act.

[The resolution in part]:

“….the Controlled Substances Act should be amended to remove cannabis from federal scheduling, enabling financial institutions to provide banking services to cannabis-related businesses…

…NCSL members will have sometimes conflicting views of cannabis, but in allowing each state to craft its own regulations we may increase transparency, public safety, and economic development.”

TRUCE take: We’re not experienced Congressional watchers, so from our POV hard to say what proposals may be most likely to gain traction. However, we are watchers of the federal agencies with vested interests (political power and their jobs) in cannabis policy, and we’d put our money on their fighting this level of change tooth and claw.

E.g., this proposal would effectively end draconian research regulations – and also take direct cannabis law enforcement completely out of the hands of the alphabet soup combine… …i.e., the FDA, DEA, NIDA, and a number of others….

…all with carefully cultivated Congressional supporters. And none willing to give turf away without a fight.

Still, it’s exciting to see this level of legislative ferment. In particular we’ll note that Utah’s Senator Mike Lee is a co-sponsor of the CARERS Act introduced by Senator Corey Booker.

Change feels like it’s in the air….

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