People who know about pain: Pro athletes….

We’ve posted articles about the NFL starting to re-think medical cannabis, and the NBA is now giving it serious consideration as well….

“Currently, within the NBA, it’s perfectly legal for players to seek relief from chronic pain by slamming a toxic concoction of pharmaceuticals, but not with medical marijuana.

Uttered during an Israel interview at a Basketball Without Borders event, the Commissioner revealed the NBA is willing to pivot on their current position, acknowledging the topic of medical marijuana ‘needs to be discussed with our players Association’.”

TRUCE take: Acceptance of medical cannabis by the major sports leagues and their high profile player pain patients would put further pressure on the DEA to reschedule cannabis for several reasons, for one example, allowing patients to transport their medicine freely across state lines given all the traveling players do all over the country.

As it stands the number of people eligible to be legal patients who could be prosecuted for illegal use by crossing a sate border numbers in the tens of millions.

For example, in the run up to the eclipse, Wyoming police announced, “The Wyoming highway patrol will take strict enforcement on anybody that brings marijuana.”

One of a number of inherently untenable situations in the long run as we see it…

More in the article….

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