“Patients first…”

“Our goal is to modernize the program in New Jersey, bring it up to current standards, and put patients first,” said New Jersey’s new Governor, Phil Murphy as he signed an executive order calling on state regulators to review the state’s eight-year-old medical cannabis access program and to recommend ways to increase participation from patients and physicians.

There are compelling reasons why none of the 29 states which have adopted medicinal cannabis programs are moving to rescind them – and in fact the trend is strongly in the direction of states moving to expand rather than abandon safe, legal and affordable access as they gain experience, witness patient satisfaction and see the lack of the dire consequences opponents predict – even as those negative forces work tirelessly to maintain prohibition in every remaining state they can (including funding by groups with economic or political interests).

That is, states are pleased with their programs because…. ….the simple facts are that medicinal cannabis works, and its use is bringing real relief to millions WITHOUT disrupting the social fabric of communities.

Over and over. In state after state. And in the nation’s capital. And Puerto Rico. And even US possession, tiny Guam.

Thus the disingenuous and sometimes outright deceitful allegations otherwise by Utah opponents are taking on a tinge of a desperate last stand given there’s a seemingly excellent chance Utahns are going to be allowed to choose for themselves this fall.

“CBD oil only” is a main opposition rallying cry (echoed by people and businesses which stand to profit handsomely in this event), and while we’re all for CBD where it’s called for (and from reliable, tested sources), our readers know it applies in only of a fraction of the cases where MC, and specifically whole plant or preparations including THC are known to have real therapeutic value that CBD alone doesn’t have.

Here’s one example:

This is a link to a patently misleading video which is circulating (with official support!) in Southern Utah – which relies on “data” from the highly discredited Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (RMHIDTA), whose twisting of facts we’ve documented multiple times in this space: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiNjc9wegMQ Please watch as much as you can and consider commenting.

Again, we’re not afraid to share what opponents are saying. It’s so off-kilter we feel it can only help make our case among readers as literate as those who keep up with our publishing.

Meanwhile, the story below is great news for New Jersey’s patients and we hope the governor acts as quickly as possible to improve access and lower costs.

The complete text of the NJ Governor’s order can be read at: http://ift.tt/2DrvgAx

More coverage at: http://ift.tt/2n9e7EF

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