“State of the states” with real medicinal cannabis reform prospects in 2018… …with Utah hopefully leading the way, and the eyes of the nation beginning to turn toward us….

“November’s midterm elections are just around the corner and a new poll offers some timely advice for candidates running for the House or Senate – support medical marijuana as part of your platform in 2018.

On Monday, Politico’s Kevin Robillard reported that a new survey found 77 percent of likely 2018 voters had a favorable opinion of medical marijuana. The survey revealed the topic of legalizing medical marijuana enjoys compelling bipartisan support.

Conducted by Fabrizio, Lee and Associates, the nationwide survey found only 15 percent of likely voters had a hostile opinion of medicinal cannabis. Conversely, 74 percent of polled constituents in key Senate states and 76 percent in competitive House districts support reforming their state’s medical marijuana law. Those positive results include “68 percent of Republicans, 81 percent of independents and 84 percent of Democrats,” according to Robillard.

In traditionally red states like Utah, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Missouri and Idaho, constituents are working diligently to get ballot initiatives to legalize some form of medical marijuana placed on their state’s 2018 ballot.”

Most of the article is breezy survey of various states with reform measures in play by the end of the year….

We wish the best of luck to all.

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