Sunday Special: A matter of life and death (part two)… …medicinal cannabis and obesity:

We’re covering topics where meta analysis from Indiana University indicates up to 47,500 lives could be saved annually if medical cannabis was legal throughout the US for all the conditions it’s known to be useful.

Excerpts: “… researchers at Cornell University and San Diego State evaluated 12 years of data from the CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System; drilling down on the long ignored consequences of medical marijuana consumption on an individuals overall weight and wellness.

…’MMLs [“medical marijuana laws] are associated with a 2% to 6% decline in the probability of obesity. Estimates suggest that MMLs induce a $58 to $115 per-person annual reduction in obesity-related medical costs.’

Providing a little something positive for every patient – the study also theorized patients over the age of 35 enjoyed ‘an increase in physical wellness and frequent exercise consistent with the hypothesis of some medicinal use of marijuana.’ For younger patients self-medicating with cannabis rather than cocktails, academics speculated that any obesity declines were the direct result of reduced alcohol consumption.

The study’s conclusions were straightforward, ‘These findings are consistent with the hypothesis that MMLs may be more likely to induce use for health-related reasons among older individuals, and cause substitution toward lower-calorie recreational ‘highs’ among younger individuals’.”

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