History of a myth: The facts turn out to be the opposite…

We’ve taken on one of the most persistent shibboleths about cannabis a number of times, i.e., that it’s a “gateway drug” leading to the use of harder drugs, and have posted various studies showing that, first, it’s not true, and second, since medical cannabis has become widely legal, studies are showing it’s one of the most effective tools available for helping people REDUCE opioid dependence, with decreases in abuse of opioids between 25 and 33% in at least five states.

Even the historically dubious NIH has awarded a major grant for a five year study of the phenomenon.

And, while that’s a useful endeavor, in the here and now the latest research has identified at least one of, the mechanisms by which cannabis has identified HOW cannabis is not only useful in pain treatment today, but often life-saving….

Excerpts: “CBD blocks the reward of opioids, and may be used in treating those addicted by blocking their rewarding effects, according to a new medical study.

…The findings support the idea that marijuana is an ‘exit drug,’ rather than a ‘gateway drug.’

The study was conducted by University of Mississippi researchers and published in the journal Planta Medica.

…Cannabis can, in many scenarios, satisfy the same ailments – insomnia, pain, anxiety – that opioids can.

…Many pain patients, in fact, say they prefer cannabis to opiate painkillers. A study of almost 3,000 medical marijuana patients showed that 97 percent said cannabis could help them decrease their use of opioids.

Another 80 percent said cannabis, by itself, was more effective than opioid painkillers and marijuana together. An overwhelming 92 percent said they preferred just cannabis to treat their pain.”

Much more in the article.

Further reading: Opponents still drag out an older NIDA-financed study which indicated that cannabis can sensitize the body for a heightened response to other drugs, but generally don’t add that study also showed that the same is true for alcohol and tobacco use. http://ift.tt/2wd9O0N

This account includes another new study done in Canada: http://ift.tt/2iFSlcQ

And now Utah citizens have the power to bring this life-saving tool online here via the ballot initiative… …keep watching for news of opportunities to sign a petition….


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