Who’s running DSU….? And is anyone in control of their “canvassers?”

A closer look at a two day old story reinforces our considered opinion: The discredited and dissembling CEO of the UMA, Michelle McOmber (who’s also leading Drug Safe Utah) is badly damaging the credibility and reputation of the organization to the point that no thoughtful citizen – let alone other leading institutions in the state can take their “wise counsel” seriously.

“The UMA and others are trying to get people to remove their signatures from the initiative.

Advocates say they are being dishonest, and the alleged tactics have been caught on video.

‘I’m disappointed to see the opposition use these kind of deceitful tactics to try to get signatures removed,’ said TRUCE Executive Director Christine Stenquist.

TRUCE has released a Facebook video showing a canvasser making numerous false and contradictory statements.

“In the video, [the canvasser] says she represents UMA two different times.

McOmber says that’s not the case.

‘We were absolutely appalled with the video. It doesn’t have anything in there that we said people could say,’ McOmber said.”

Yet as we posted yesterday, her own spokesperson admits that UMA has NO control over the canvassers, having ceded hiring and “training” to a third party.

Right hand meet left hand, because your stories are not matching up. But we’re finding this to be all too typical of the UMA.

“She [McOmber] says supporters have been misleading, and believes this is another example.

When asked if she thinks the video was staged, McOmber replied ‘yeah, that’s my suspicion.’

Stenquist says that’s not what’s happening, and they [TRUCE] have additional proof.

‘You can see her lanyard in the photo, and we have a picture of her car in front of their office down south,’ said Stenquist.”

We are also personally in touch with the person who posted the video and we’re willing to stake our reputation on its veracity.

#UMA meanwhile has very little reputation left to stake, and less with each passing day. And we invite all citizens visited by canvassers to record their meetings.

We repeat our call that it’s past time for Ms. McOmber to step down.

#MMJ #UTpol #Resign #ProtectPatients    

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