World beat: Medical cannabis becomes a major issue in New Zealand election….

“New Zealand’s Labour Party is rocketing in popularity after Jacinda Ardern took the reins as leader – and something she is committed to is legalising medicinal cannabis.

The Labor Party had languished for years until Ms Ardern became leader just over a month ago. Since then, Labour’s projected share of the vote has jumped from 26% to 43%. Such is her current popularity that the phenomenon has been called Jacindamania.”

Thus, the country’s national election could turn on (and has certainly been energized by) medical cannabis.

See also for additional coverage in a local paper about advocates in the country:

“The Government recently announced it would remove restrictions around the non-psychoactive cannabis derivative cannabidiol, but the protesters say this doesn’t go far enough.

‘Patients need easy, safe and affordable access to natural medical cannabis,’ spokesman Chris Fowlie said.”

We couldn’t have said it better – as the medical, scientific and human case for patients is exactly what we seek to educate the public about.

We wish the citizens of New Zealand all the best and will report the election results in several weeks when the votes are in…. …Meanwhile New Zealand’s close down under neighbor, Australia is already in the process of establishing their own program.

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