Taking on another myth about the Utah Medical Cannabis Act….

…UMCA opponents are wont to conjure up images of the developing dispensary systems up and running in half the US as inadequate for delivering the right medicine to the right patients, but in fact as a nation we’ve been learning how to operate medical cannabis systems for 22 years when the first ones opened.

And in 2018, proven standards and practices are being applied everywhere, even as they’re being upgraded all the time.

To be clear, as responsible advocates (advised by our own volunteer MDs, pharmacists, scientists, nurses and other professionals), we’re all in favor of adequate training for personnel at all levels of the system, from doctors, to dispensary staff, product people, growers, etc.

NY State, among others, is also instituting more training for physician recommenders, and national certification programs are starting to emerge.

So once again, don’t buy into opponent hysteria. There are known answers to all of these questions, and in the time it will take to stand up a system if the UMCA passes, procedures akin to these will certainly be in place.

For one example of what’s happening with the industry in general, here’s what Ohio is doing…

“‘Employers need a place that they can reach out to, that’s going to be able to certify or co-sign for students to say this person knows what they say they know,’ John Ware says.

With three certificate programs, in horticulture, business and medical applications – and an executive program that combines all three – the Cleveland School of Cannabis is taking the basic plant biology and management techniques taught at institutions across the country and applying them to the marijuana industry, preparing growers, dispensary owners and everyone in between.”

TRUCE: The more you know, the more likely it is that you support medicinal cannabis and aren’t buying what anti-medicinal cannabis groups with dubious agendas and questionable motives are selling…

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