Foot-draggers all across America never give up trying to keep patients away from safe, legal access every year, week, month and for every condition they can….

Advocates backed away from a more comprehensive ballot initiative when legislative leaders offered them a compromise… …which would have made for a starting point at least, and state-wide campaigns are difficult, expensive, and tricky to run, so they took the deal.

However, since that good faith move by the patient community, a continual series of barriers has been raised, causing delay after delay….. …even as Ohio, a state that could benefit tremendously in cutting prescription opiate abuse has sued pharmaceutical manufacturers for deceptive marketing and other practices. That is, the state recognizes the opioid crisis, yet still denies doctors and patients one of the most effective tools to help mitigate the problem…..

“One year after medical marijuana became legalized, patients still can’t buy legal cannabis within the state of Ohio. No licenses are given to cultivators, processors, labs or dispensaries. Doctors cannot become certified to recommend it.

Ohio officials say that dispensaries will open by Sept 8th, 2018. That is a long time…..”

Beyond that, the state is pursuing policies that make it very expensive to get into the medical cannabis supply business, which will raise patient costs, something we hope Utah’s proposal avoids.

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