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From ABC4Utah’s much more detailed linked article and video on “Medical Cannabis in Utah: The Passionate Debate:

“In many ways, Holden Cromar is just like any other 10 year-old boy. He loves trampoline time with his sister, playing games, and going to school. But a couple of things set him apart. Like his bright blue helmet and his constant companion, Tobey the service dog.

Holden needs these protective tools every day, because he has epilepsy. The day we spent with Holden, he didn’t have a single seizure. It was a stark contrast from just one year earlier when he was having 40 to 100 seizures every day.”

This report is (in our opinion) generally thoughtful, except we seem more able to find more studies strongly indicating safety and efficacy than the professionals interviewed. We assume their standard for “acceptable research” is likely “FDA approved trials” which can only be done with unrepresentative single-molecule extracts of a complex plant whose parts work together.

Sadly, this self-limiting excludes groundbreaking work in Israel and elsewhere – e.g., including many studies being done at leading US institutions, but not as FDA clinical trials, because the model is flawed.

The “research issue” always leads back to the fact that the FDA has no real plans to consider cannabis in its whole plant form as a proven botanical medicine with well-known, useful and safe medical applications. One key reason is MC doesn’t fit the big pharmaceutical one molecule-one “drug” model…

As we see it, over the last century MD medicine adopting the deeply mistaken notion that plants can’t be useful medicines has sadly turned medical history on its head due to the outsize influence of an entrenched industry with a limited supply and delivery model, which many think more profit-centered than patient-centered.

We also take issue with much of the data that the Eagle Forum puts out as truth, and with the UMA’s holding out for some future degree of perfect proof they can’t even specify…

We welcome open debate on all aspects of medicinal cannabis where we’ll happily join in any opportunity to demonstrate that that thoughtful advocates have the firmest grip on the overall objective facts on the issue.

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