A CNBC Editorial: “In our view, people who think opiates are the only answer to pain relief have a similar mis-perception as people who still think medicinal cannabis is nothing more than smoking up with their doctor’s permission.

They are both wrong.

In short, medical cannabis is about personalized and effective medicine. It’s not about getting high.

The Europeans know that, as we do in North America.”


Compared to the US, “things are farther ahead in Canada. The federal government has introduced a timeline to full federal legalisation for lifestyle use in July 2018.” And Mexico – no small country – is now aboard, i.e., that’s now ALL of North America save 21 US states.

(Think about that for a moment!)

However, the greatest development may be taking place in Western Europe, where medical cannabis legalization is sweeping the continent.

Europe has more people than the US and Canada combined. Germany’s 80 million are just getting medical access in one fell swoop for example and Italy is getting started as well.

“Each [of the Eurozone countries] has a well-funded medical system, residents who seek natural and complementary therapies, and a government-supported mandate to stop the rising tide of opiate addiction related to chronic pain treatment.

Taken together, these and other European examples show that we’re seeing traditionally conservative attitudes shift as medicinal cannabis is legalized.”


TRUCE take: Don’t you find it odd that none of these major countries is holding back because their best federal experts think they “need to wait for the science” or that “plants aren’t medicine”? Frankly, it’s clear that those boats left the dock with enough questions answered years ago, and now places where these arguments go on are increasingly in ever more isolated pockets of the developed world.

Perhaps most importantly, and happily for their countries, none of them have to come hat in hand begging for “FDA approval” in order to use one of the most studied and least toxic medicinal substance in human history.

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