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After Dr. Mark Moon’s brother died from cancer, he decided he’d begin prescribing cannabis. In 2016, he opened MEDCAN in Tallahassee, Florida’s first medical office dedicated to helping patients qualify for medical cannabis under FL Law.

Since then, MEDCAN has cared for hundreds of patients over thousands of visits.

TRUCE will continue to share reports on the latest scientific research, the emerging and fascinating science of cannabis, medical cannabis’ tangled politics, the roles of federal and state government, initiative news, world trends, etc., i.e., the big picture.

However, and importantly, the story in the end is the human side: how the medicinal use of the plant is effecting real patients – and in this case as seen by a cannabis medicine practitioner…

Excepts (more in the article):

“I’ve always been the MacGyver-type. He used a Swiss Army knife to solve problems and build crazy things like a helicopter using a rock and a toothpick. I’ve been a physician for over 20 years, but it wasn’t until last year that I began to recommend something different for my patients — cannabis. I call it ‘the Swiss Army knife of medicine.’

While the science is inexact, we see miraculous results on a regular basis. We’ve examined children who’ve had 60 seizures a week, and now have none; women who’ve had a 20-year struggle with pain, then throw off the chains of narcotics, and are living their life again; terminal cancer patients who seem as happy and content as any healthy person; a body-builder and marine who was crippled with pain in a wheelchair [who] has become more active, and for the first time in years loves his life again.

…at times I feel I have done more for my patients in this one year, than I’ve done in the past 20.

Interestingly, the politics of cannabis have hurt as many people as it’s helped. Special interests on all sides have squelched research, while others have pushed for stiffer criminal penalties for minor possessions. I urge a nationwide effort for research, a decriminalization of non-violent possessions, and a consideration for the release of those held in prison for the latter.

In a first step, MEDCAN has founded the Compassionate Offenders Program to provide bail money for non-violent, non-DUI offenders charged with minor possession.

I believe cannabis is good medicine for the right patients. Certainly there are many in our country that could benefit from its healing power — the power of cannabis, the Swiss Army knife of medicine.”

…A tip of TRUCE’s hat to Dr. Moon….!

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