More of the “Cannagate” story is coming out… …and there’s still more to come…

“Battles over the initiative took unusual twists late Monday as the deadline approached for any rescission letters — including a bizzare showdown just before midnight at Davis County offices, and an LDS bishop reportedly recruiting political help from his congregants.”

Advocates who were on site and in touch with an upset “congregant” have the clear impression this actually happened, i.e., beyond “reportedly.”

Also not mentioned here: the physical presence of UMA’s Michelle McOmber and other key opponents who were onsite and directing the Keystone Cop-like activities. And who were caught uncomfortably flat-footed when activists showed up on a tip from the ward member mentioned above.

“Davis County Clerk Curtis Koch said he warned all groups his office would close at 5 Monday, the deadline for rescission letters submissions. He said he then worked very late on a tax presentation…

[Utah Patients Coalition’s] DJ Schanz said he went to the offices based on suspicions that opponents might try to submit letters after the deadline, and found 25 or so people handing off late collections and trying to get someone inside to accept them. He said he called news media, whose arrival made opponents scatter.

Koch came out at 11:20 p.m. He said supporters accused him of trying to accept the opposition’s paperwork late — and would not believe that he was simply there working late.

‘I was a little annoyed,’ he said. ‘It’s 11:20 at night, I’m leaving my office and my integrity is being questioned.’ He said about the same time he called his wife and ‘she indicated that someone came by the house and dropped off a packet’ of rescission letters there. [Again, after the deadline.]”

We would add that this intrusion on his home by counter activists was a blatant attempt to get his family members to cooperate in a scheme to break election laws.

Schanz … provided screenshots reportedly coming from a local Relief Society president relaying her bishop’s call for help to members.

‘I got this because of a lady who called me literally in tears. She said, I’m super supportive of this [initiative], and now my bishop and Relief Society president are telling us all to come out and help remove signatures,’ he said.

Tom Freeman, the bishop who supposedly made the request, declined comment.

The LDS Church’s public affairs department did not comment directly….”

More details and screen shots in the article – a don’t miss read for any open-minded person. And still not the whole story – which may only come out in court, if there.

We’d much rather be having a rational debate on the merits of the initiative than covering the anti-democratic circus being staged by patient adversaries cloaked in the mantle of “wise doctors” and compassionate believers, but we’re not really being given the choice.

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