“…beyond willfully ignorant…”

Consumed in what we can only describe as “Reefer Madness Madness,” Drug Safe Utah, a subsidiary of the Utah Medical Ass’n and other groups lost in 1930’s propaganda, has truly pulled out all the stops in a stunning descent into irrationality…

They first failed in the court of public opinion, and so, second, determined not to respect Utahns’ right to mount a ballot initiative, ran a scandalously manipulative, unethical and deceptive campaign to nullify the Utah Medical Cannabis Initiative.

And third, now that this effort may have failed (according to clues in both Fox13 and the Trib stories), this front group for special interest opponents has launched a blunderbuss of a “pull out the jams” lawsuit seeking to use the courts in a last ditch attempt to prevent the citizens of the state from democratically expressing themselves.

What are their grounds? Trusting our readers’ knowledge, here are some #DSU “arguments” for your consideration as we let them “spew for themselves…”

““Marijuana … has a higher frequency of addiction than opioids and can lead to severe consequences such as permanent brain damage and psychosis. The DEA has determined that there are no reliable studies showing … any accepted medical uses.”

“Legalization would leave in its wake an ocean of human lives shattered by addiction and a mountain of additional costs to be borne by Utah’s taxpayers and families.” [This quote: SL Trib]

Going beyond “for the children,” DSU adds another generation for good measure, “..bringing this suit to prevent harm to Utah’s safety as well as the health of their children and grandchildren..”

“..also alleges [the Lt. Gov.] cannot approve the…initiative because it would violate federal..laws.”

But DSU alleges no such thing about Rep. Daw’s HB195 which the state enacted this year – and other laws which do the same thing!

Willfully misnaming the UMCI yet again, “..voters .. will be affected by the adverse effects of the Marijuana Initiative, which will increase abuse, dependency, prevent the orderly administration of criminal drug laws and increase the number of car accidents and costs..”

“…makes marijuana ‘easier to obtain than cigarettes’…”

(And we all know you need have a specific medical problem AND get a doctor’s recommendation to buy cigarettes [good luck with that!] from one of no more than 15 “tobacco dispensaries” in the whole state.)

So that’s some of their convoluted case. Are you convinced yet??

Christine Stenquist noted: “I know what motivates us as patients to seek non-toxic relief using whole plant botanical cannabis.

[Opponents] have gone a step beyond willfully ignorant to downright aggressive. And I ask them to tell patients exactly what motivates them to advocate for our suffering?”

What indeed.

[More advocate response (and more madness) below. Also see: https://bit.ly/2kd7n7D for the Trib’s coverage.]

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