More than “as good as”….

At TRUCE we’re patient advocates. So we find these results of particular interest in that they’re based on surveying patient satisfaction with their treatment.

This report comes out of prestigious Johns Hopkins University:

“Medical cannabis consumers reported better ‘clinically meaningful’ health outcomes than non-consumers, and epilepsy sufferers in particular reported health improvements after consuming medical cannabis.

In a survey-based study, users reported experiencing statistically significant better overall quality of life (QoL), satisfaction with their health, less pain, less anxiety, less depression, better sleep, less visits to the emergency department and hospital, and fewer sick days versus non-users, reported Nicolas Schlienz, PhD, of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore.”

Quality of life on all of these measures is ultimately associated with better overall health, resistance to future illness and even longevity. It’s also a huge part of what makes life feel like it’s worth living.

This is a really interesting (and we think important) study worth your time to learn more about, so we won’t excerpt any more of it here.

PS: One might call this data anecdotal, but in this study of this size (and where patient satisfaction is what’s being studied), it’s anecdotal times nearly 900 medical cannabis patients and non-patients… …and 900 patient reports secured by a sound survey design aren’t anecdotes, they’re evidence. Of, yes, patient perception of their health outcomes, and satisfaction with the treatment.

Plus (and something we understand very well as mostly patients suffering with long-term injuries and illnesses): If you aren’t the ultimate “expert” on how you’re feeling… …who is??

Safe, legal, voluntary, affordable access to medicine that works. That’s all patients are asking for.

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