We’re certain the medical cannabis community has sent Attorney General Sessions everything that cannabis research organizations, practitioners and organizations like TRUCE have gathered on the topic, and that people continue to send him more.

However, for whatever reasons, like many less high-profile opponents, some of our own acquaintance, he seems determined not to recognize the massive supportive evidence.

At least, as noted in the linked article, politicians with a clearer view are also speaking out about both the value of MC and that lack of factual support for the AG’s position.

“State Rep. Allen Peake has spent the past few years passionately advocating for medical cannabis oil use for Georgia families. So whenl Sessions disparaged the effects of the substance, the House lawmaker fired back.

‘Respect fully Mr. AG,you are flat wrong. Seeing the results every damn day in GA. Open your heart & mind, citizens deserve access,’ Rep. Peake said on Twitter.

He was responding to recent comments made by the new Attorney General, saying the benefits of medical marijuana have been exaggerated.

‘I think medical marijuana has been hyped, maybe too much,’ Sessions recently said.

In a statement, Rep. Peake called Sessions’ statement ‘simply ridiculous.’

‘Every day I hear from a grandmother with parkinson’s disease, a college student with Chron’s disease, a soccer mom suffering from cancer, or a dad helping his child who has a rare skin disease,’ he said. ‘These are real people, not hype, who are benefitting from medical cannabis daily..”

In news reported elsewhere, AG Sessions further outlined his stance on marijuana use, which he has long opposed, saying that “dependency” on it is “only slightly less awful” than heroin.

He went on to make other remarks reminiscent of 1970s Drug War rhetoric:


TRUCE certainly finds his positions actively regressive and troublesome given the state of knowledge about cannabis in 2017.

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