Put another country pin in the world medical cannabis map….

Poland now has a legal medical cannabis program… …and once the law was passed, they didn’t wrangle for years over the details of starting to actually implement it….


“Polish pharmacies are allowed to sell cannabis since the legislation regulating medical marijuana came into force on Wednesday.

Currently there are nearly 15,000 pharmacies in Poland, around 90% of which are authorized to make prescription drugs, estimates say that around 300,000 Polish patients will have access to this type of treatment as well.

Medical marijuana will be prescribed to those with any of the wide range of illnesses and conditions, ranging from chronic pain to nausea induced by chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis spasticity symptoms, and even drug-resistant epilepsy.

It is well known that cannabis products with high CBD contents are used as anti-inflammatory drugs, while those with high THC contents are usually used for chronic-pain medication, post-traumatic stress disorder and in palliative care.

With the new law going into effect, higher rates of THC and CBD are allowed in cannabis products.”

Welcome to the ever-widening world of medicinal cannabis, Poland..!!

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See full article – Poland Legalized Medical Marijuana on Wednesday November 1st