TRUCE would like to welcome Poland into the ranks of countries tossing off old shibboleths and special interest objections who have now embraced medical cannabis.

As we’ve noted, legalization seems to be proceeding rapidly throughout “the Eurozone.”

“Yesterday, President Duda signed Poland’s medical cannabis bill into law, making Poland the latest European Union member country to permit its use.

Cannabis reform in Poland has moved fast and steady in the last couple of months.

Near the end of June, a bill was overwhelmingly voted forward by Poland’s Lower House of Parliament. The proposed legislation had incredible support with 440 in favour and 2 against.

In the first week of July, the nation’s Health Care Committee gave their recommendation for legalization to move forward. This approval effectively paved the way to the office of President Andrzej Duda who signed the bill into law on July 20th.

Pharmacists in the Polish nation will soon be able to dispense cannabis, once it is available by import, to those with a doctor’s prescription. Products that will be available in Poland include raw cannabis, tinctures, resin, and other extracts.”


If it’s possibly escaped your attention, since reform efforts began in earnest in Utah over the last several years, legal jurisdictions have moved well on their way to becoming the norm in the developed world, and those like Utah without legal medical cannabis are becoming the increasingly isolated exceptions.

Changing that here is happily a matter which will start to move in the citizens of Utah’s hands as soon as signature gathering for the ballot initiative is announced.

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