Against the backdrop of the opioid crisis, where now the drug manufacturers have been taken to court in Ohio for their irresponsible profiteering, and while the death toll continues right here in Utah – where the crisis is equally if not more severe on per capita basis, (temporarily) breaking up one of the largest illicit opioid operations in the country has been announced.

Again, TRUCE knows one agent that’s being kept from the people here (and mostly delayed in Ohio) that’s been shown in at least 5 studies to decrease the toll by between 25-33%: Medical Cannabis.

And yet it’s still going to take a major campaign to change things (and to get all the rest of cannabis’ benefits into the hands of Utah patients).

Are Utah’s citizens ready to take on that fight? Our reading of everything we’ve learned the last few years tells us yes….. ….what say you?? Had enough of the current “non-approach”?? Do you feel that “crime-fighting” in the Drug Wars as favored by Weber County Sheriff Terry Thompson and US Attorney General is the right approach?

Please let us and both state and federal lawmakers know.

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See full article – Police say residence in Utah was home to one of the largest fentanyl operations in the U.S.