Tuesday Twofer Special, Part Two: More on taking the pulse of the Utah public:

From UtahPolicy.com comes a resounding rejection of a main opposition tactic… …people aren’t buying the “we need to wait until all the science is in” argument.

Last week we provided a link to a survey being run by the group asking for feedback on whether state residents think now is the time to legalize medical cannabis, or whether the state should wait for further research….

…i.e., that Utah should wait despite, we hasten to add, over 20,000 positive studies, hundreds of them of the rigorous peer-reviewed variety, and the millions of patients being successfully served in 29 states, other jurisdictions and an increasing number of countries.

The survey’s key finding is more evidence Utahns are seeing through a political smokescreen even when opponents wrap objections in the mantle of “science.” That is, voters are recognizing that the “wait wait/there is no research” argument is threadbare and misleading.


“Our “Political Insiders” and readers say the time for studying medical marijuana is over.

58% of the Republicans who responded to our question said it should be legal, while just 42% wanted more study of the issue.

93% of our Democratic “Insiders” want to legalize medical marijuana.

89% of our readers say medical marijuana should be legal while 11% want more study.”

Note: This survey was open, and participants were self-selected, and so it’s not scientifically definitive, however it’s in line with current polling.

We expect a lot more “smoke” in the public debate which promises to intensify over the next 13 months, in the form of disinformation and stereotypes, but from what we’re seeing, the public’s view is increasingly discerning and the real evidence about cannabis’ medicinal efficacy is breaking through the propaganda and getting out there…

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