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On this Veteran’s Day all US residents again are urged to pause and put into context the huge debt society owes to those men and women, past, present and future, who have ever placed their lives on the line by giving themselves over to the dictates of duty.

Warfare is a terrible thing and being placed under its enormous stresses and trauma (physical and psychological) leaves many surviving vets injured and hurting in many ways at many levels.

It also leaves these men and women from every walk of life deserving the very best care – based on both the best emerging evidence and their preferences.

Two of the key problems common among veterans are chronic pain syndromes from war wounds and difficult to treat PTSD from experiencing things beyond the brain’s normal ability to process. Opioid dependency is another risk injured vets face.

So in at least these cases, cannabis certainly has enough supporting evidence to certainly be made compassionately available at VA facilities via the VA’s own doctors.

We feel giving vets the choice is kind of the least society can do for people whose pain and suffering is directly BECAUSE of their service.

The VA story has many sides and aspects. This article is one involving a number of Congress people.

We’ll be posting more about veterans, the VA and cannabis later today…..


“[Ten Democratic Representatives] on the House Committee on Veterans Affairs have requested that scientists at the Veterans Affairs (VA) be allowed to perform research on marijuana’s many terpenes and cannabinoids.

Potentially aiding America’s veterans suffering from chronic pain and PTSD, Walz sent a request to VA Secretary David Shulkin; asserting the VA ‘is uniquely situated to pursue [cannabis] research on chronic pain and PTSD’.”

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