Medical cannabis opponents constantly remind us “medical legalization is the first step to recreational legalization”.

No, it’s not.

There are two paths to recreational use in Utah:
1.) Someone like Brad Daw writing a bill to push on Capitol Hill, and getting the rest of the legislature to agree to pass it. We all know THAT isn’t going to happen.
2.) Another ballot initiative, which would mean yet another push for 113,500 signatures. That’s not likely, because polling has shown voters would shoot it down at election time.

Legalization of medical use does NOT mean recreational adult use is the next step. And the proof is right next door: our neighbor to the south, Arizona, has defeated pushes to legalize recreational twice. And this year doesn’t look any different.

Legalized recreational cannabis use is NOT coming to Utah any time soon. And our opponents who say it is are flat-out lying to you.

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