Who makes “bad laws”….??

If you were writing a law to set up a medical cannabis program, would you choose:

A. The Utah Patients Coalition, whose proposal is based on SB73 – a bill passed by the Utah State Senate in 2016, re-drafted after consulting many stakeholders in 2017 and finalized by a legislative drafting attorney??


B. Rep. Brad Daw, who takes no input from patient organizations, interested medical professionals, or other state programs – whose bills have helped perhaps a tiny handful of people in a Utah County micro-study and might (or might not) provide a few months of help to a small number of terminally ill patients (and them only) somewhere down the road?? (While keeping cannabis medicine from all the rest).

…Yes, take your time. It’s a tough question…

NOTE: We’re posting opponent articles so our readers have a full sense of the media coverage. Let them have their say. We trust you to decide who’s making sense.

In the meantime, though, do you think opponents will be reprinting OUR commentaries in full?

Hmmmm. Who’s afraid’a who and what…??

The linked article (by Paul Mero) states: “The truth is the Utah Medical Marijuana Initiative is a ruse being perpetrated by Utah libertarians and radicalized potheads across the country.”

Gee, we didn’t know the 85-90% of the people in the country (and 77% of Utahns) who support medicinal cannabis use are all “libertarians and radicalized potheads”! Good to know. Thanks, Paul..!!

Then there’s the definitive validation of several medical benefits by the National Academies of Science, Medicine and Engineering – the world’s most prestigious scientific authority.

Why those “kooks” and “old hippies”..!! Where do they get such outlandish nonsense from?? After all, NASME only reviewed thousands of studies.

And oh, there is no “Utah Medical Marijuana Initiative.” The Utah Medical CANNABIS Act, however, has been submitted for the November ballot.

Why do opponents feel compelled to distort things from the get-go? At least Mr. Mero used the word “medical,” though.

The UMA straight up confabulated in their error-filled, innuendo dripping, totally undocumented statement, and just called it the “Utah Marijuana Initiative” while Rep. Daw can’t seem to use the “I-word” without preceding it with “almost recreational.”

Along with much else dead wrong and offensive here, we also deeply resent the accusation advocates are trying to sneak the (recreational) “camel in the tent.” The leaders in Utah patient advocacy have been “medical only” from the beginning.

Polling shows nearly as many Utahns are anti-recreational as they are pro-medical. So “Rec C” is not coming to Utah any year soon and NO group of any size is working on it.

We know that, you know that, and virtually everybody in Utah (whether they’re for it or not) knows that… …so please, quit playing that fear card!

TRUCE: The more (opponents) you know…

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