NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING: The new “Cannabinoid Research” law set up the “Utah Cannabinoid Product Board” which is tasked with reviewing (statutory restricted) research into possible “cannabinoid products.”

The process for naming (unpaid) Board members (as we wrote about at the time the law was passed in this blog) didn’t include any likely advocates or patients, nor necessarily people with any particular expertise in the medical cannabis field, although most or all may be MDs.

The Board’s first (open-to-the-public) meeting is going to be held Tuesday, June 6th at 9:00 am – Noon, at the Cannon Health Building (Utah Department of Health) in Room 125 (288 North 1460 West, Salt Lake City).

It should be educational to see what this board is all about and how it sees itself, especially as its published agenda (including the title!) misspells “Cannabinoid,” a further indication there’s a chance it may take a few minutes for its level of expertise to get up to speed…

…more importantly perhaps, we’re thinking it may be educational FOR the Board if a fair number of medical cannabis supporters show up so they’ll know the public is going to be paying attention to their operation.

Their published agenda (see link below) does not indicate any item for public comment or questions. We ask any attendees who are supporters to NOT be disruptive, brandish signs or break their rules, and if it’s the only opportunity, to wait to politely approach them after the session or during a break to indicate your interest in and support of a robust state-wide medical cannabis program.

As always, education and rational persuasion, not making new enemies by confrontation, is at the core of TRUCE’s philosophy and mission.

The fight for safe legal access is a long and winding road, and dealing with this advent is but another step we’ll take in stride as best we can.

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