The pursuit of better medicinal cannabis through science….

As we keep pointing out (you’ve noticed? ??), there is (way) more than enough solid scientific evidence showing that medical cannabis is a highly safe and often very effective medicine for various conditions to justify bringing safe, legal and affordable access to all who can benefit.

However, as is also often pointed out, federal restrictions have also severely curtailed huge amounts of research which could have been done in the US (while other countries have become involved only in the last decade or two, but are recently making strides)…

…so given how much there is yet to be learned about this phyto-pharmaceutical powerhouse and its hundreds of constituents, its unique methods of action, its lock and key relationships to key aspects of human physiology, the ways it can be used, the best protocols for various conditions and patients – and – as in this case – the best ways to produce the most medically effective strains… …vigorous research into all of these areas is called for.

In other words, we KNOW medical cannabis is safe, effective, and ready for wide-scale deployment, but in terms of the ultimate potential of cannabis medicine, given all the promising indications, the lack of adverse consequences in prescribing it, and the number of exciting preliminary results, we strongly believe the sky’s the limit and we “ain’t seen nothin’ yet”…..! ? ?

The linked study is part of a series highlighting studying how indoor growing conditions can be adjusted to improve the quality and amount of medically efficacious cannabis.

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