Words to examine: “We need to wait for the science….”
~One current refrain of medical cannabis opponents in Utah (and everywhere).

Fact: The average FDA-approved prescription drug has been through 1-3 controlled clinical trials usually involving a relatively small number of cases.

Fact: “Scientists have conducted over 140 controlled clinical trials since 1975 assessing the safety and efficacy of whole-plant cannabis or specific cannabinoids, according to a new literature review published in the journal Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences.

A pair of German researchers identified 140 clinical trials involving an estimated 8,000 participants. Of these, the largest body of literature focused on the use of cannabis or cannabinoids in the treatment of chronic or neuropathic pain.

Authors identified 35 controlled studies, involving 2,046 subjects,on pain management. In January, the National Academy of Sciences acknowledged that ‘conclusive or substantial evidence’ exists for cannabis’ efficacy in patients suffering from chronic pain.”

In other words, there is far more research evidence for medical cannabis’ safety and efficacy than there is for the great majority of FDA-approved drugs

So by rights, while there’s much more research ahead (mainly because cannabis is proving so promising in the management or treatment of so many ailments), it should be case closed on the “no science” assertion – except opponents continue sweep all the above under their thread-bare rugs as if it doesn’t exist

TRUCE take: Judge for yourselves….. ….but we’re clipping and saving this one.

More in the linked article.

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