Today we have Utah and national news. In this post the local: More patient allies are publicly emerging in the state… …this time from the law enforcement community….

All six candidates running for Salt Lake County Sheriff have expressed support of medical cannabis if the state’s voters approve the ballot initiative. A number expressed outright support of the effort:

“ ‘I am the father of four,’ said candidate Fred Ross, chief of the Utah Transit Authority police force. ‘If any one of them needed it to increase the betterment of their lives, I’d give up my gun and my badges to make sure they had the right treatment.’

The candidates, each with an extensive record of police work in Utah, are running to replace Democratic Sheriff Jim Winder, who resigned last month to become the Moab police chief.”

All six candidates have long and extensive records in a wide variety of law enforcement activities.

They all also expressed support of treating opioid problems as treatment issues rather than charging those fighting dependence with crimes.

TRUCE is pleased and heartened to see more public servants, especially those with law enforcement backgrounds coming down on the side of the balance of evidence about the medical value of cannabis. Much more in the story on this issue and the range of pressing issues the next SL County Sheriff will be facing.

Later today: Some hopeful federal developments.

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