Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill knows how to read a law better than nearly anyone in the state – and he’s read the Utah Medical Cannabis Initiative, just as Drug Safe Utah is advising people.

And here’s what reports about his take on the matter….

“…Sim Gill on Tuesday came out in strong support of the medical marijuana initiative that advocates are seeking to put on the statewide ballot in November.

‘I will be voting in favor of this initiative in November,’ Gill told reporters at a Tuesday press conference at the Capitol held jointly with other legalization advocates, including Together for Responsible Use and Cannabis Education [TRUCE].

Gill said he disagrees with characterizations from opponents of the initiative, including the Utah Medical Association, who have said the bill allows for de facto recreational use of marijuana.

‘This is not about recreational marijuana, that is not what I support, but I will advocate for not criminalizing the conduct of parents, patients and family members for an act of compassion,’ Gill said.

Gill is taking a stance that breaks with the position offered by the state Department of Public Safety, which says in a statement on its website that its leaders have ‘preliminary concerns regarding a more broadly defined medical use of marijuana in our state and the negative impact it could have on public safety.’

With that brief excerpt, we’ll get out of the way so you can right to digesting this important article which counters so much of the noise that’s being generated by opponents who’ve turned their propaganda generators up to eleven… …which we also urge you to share far and wide.

And we urge all who signed the ballot initiative petitions to hold fast against the “fog of war” these people are waging. There will be plenty of time to debate the matter on its merits when (and if) the people of the state have over six months to become fully familiar with it.

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