Sunday Special: As promised, a series on “Two Sides of a Coin: Cannabis and Hemp.”

Part One: What’s in a (bunch of) names..?

The main distinctions between what most people mean by “cannabis” (or “marijuana”) – and “hemp” are, on the one hand, obvious and important, but on the other, still often hard to understand and explain clearly. And if you’re confused, after years of reading and debating, in our opinion it’s NOT “just you.”

For starters, we couldn’t find a single recent article bringing together the various perspectives and facts we’ve found about why it’s difficult to even talk about these topics using common sense words that don’t begin to mix the two up.

So for the first post in this series, one of our blog editors prepared a paper citing a number of articles and references in support of one view of the topic which tries to dig into the historical, legal and scientific reasons why…

Coming up in Part Two: Real world uses, differences, overlap, etc… …there’s a LOT to go into….

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See full article – Scientific, legal, etc differences between medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp.pdf