The following story is being noted by many pro-cannabis groups as it’s getting some national attention. It concerns us as well, however, we don’t want to overplay it until we have more information.

Please note that in the below, what has been reported is NOT a new action by Attorney General Sessions, rather that a reporter obtained a copy of a letter the AG wrote to Congressional leaders on MAY 1.

TRUCE hasn’t found any word of what kind of reception the letter has received by those leaders, and as anyone following the news knows, things are at least a bit in turmoil in the federal government, and at present, particularly so where AG Sessions is concerned.

So we will be keeping our eyes and ears open for the questions we now expect will be asked of the Senate’s and House’s leaders, now that the letter’s contents are known and will report any reactions from the offices of Senators McConnell and Schumer, and from Speaker Ryan or Representative Pelosi as they come in.

In any event, since the story is out there – and in some accounts open to misinterpretation – that is, it’s being portrayed as a brand new move by AG Sessions when it is not, we want to keep you informed of what facts are known.

Also as far as we know, no immediate action to take away the protections voted for Medical states by Congress is imminent.

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See full article – Sessions Letter sent on May 1 asking Congress to end Medical Cannabis Protections has been released