Despite authoritative-sounding denials by some medical associations like the UMA, both medical history and current research reveal that whole plant (and rich extract) cannabis are not only “medicine,” they are being found to be superior to “isolated molecule” cannabinoid preparations for most applications.

This would include the few synthesized or extracted drugs that are either approved or well on the path to FDA approval such as Drabinol, Epidiolex, etc.

“A groundbreaking study done in Israel documents the superior therapeutic properties of whole plant CBD-rich cannabis extract as compared to single-molecule cannabidiol (CBD).

Published in the journal Pharmacology & Pharmacy (Feb. 2015), the article directly challenges one of the sacred cows of Big Pharma and the medical-industrial complex—the notion that ‘crude’ botanical preparations are inherently low grade and less effective than pure, single-molecule compounds.

[Previous] studies showed that administration of pure, single-molecule CBD resulted in a bell-shaped dose-response curve, meaning that when the amount of CBD exceeded a certain point its therapeutic impact declined dramatically. This characteristic of single-molecule CBD—manifested as a bell-shaped dose response—imposes serious obstacles that limit its usefulness in a clinical context.

The pure CBD tests confirmed that single-molecule CBD administration generated a bell-shaped dose-response curve with a narrow therapeutic window.

But a different dose response was observed when whole plant extract was administered to mice. The whole plant CBD-rich extract caused a direct, dose-dependent inhibition of pain, inflammation, and TNFa production.

‘In stark contrast to purified CBD, the clone extract…provided a clear correlation, with increasing responses upon increasing doses, which makes this plant medicine ideal for clinical uses’ the researchers noted.”

Moreover, researchers found that a smaller amount of CBD in the extract was needed for significant pain relief compared to pure CBD.”

They also had little difficulty in measuring and standardizing dosages, another bugaboo being tossed around by opponents. Recommended for reading in full….!

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