What’s new in medical cannabis?? A lot….. …just not here….

As the Utah Legislature considers a bill saying it intends to re-invent the wheel with a new “cannabinoid product board” scheduled to be staffed by doctors recommended by the hostile-to-medical-cannabis UMA, and so unlikely to approve any “cannabinoid products” anytime soon, in the the 28 states where a majority of the citizens of the US with current access to actual medical cannabis live, new improved medicines and delivery systems are becoming available on a regular basis.

“Yes, more than half the population of the United States live in a place where they can legally use cannabis for medical purposes. The industry is developing rapidly, refining its growing and processing technologies, creating new products and building expertise among employees.

And as regulation increases (product testing, child-safe containers, accurate labeling, etc.) the supply of cannabis has become safer. Dispensaries are moving beyond the random supplier who shows up with the big baggie at the back door to tax-paying product-testing sources of cannabis.”

Here are six of the latest innovations….. …from an automatic hydroponic growing system, home visits by MC specialists, and more…..

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