Drug Safety Utah (#DSU) is certainly generating a lot of publicity – local and national – none of it positive. Linked below is one recent – in-depth and highly recommended – national take on a campaign that’s become anything but a fair debate on the merits of medicinal cannabis.

The article also points out how shadowy, possibly unregistered groups have joined in with emotionally loaded mailers and sheds light in other corners.


It’s further clear Utah’s ballot initiative law is more loaded against successful campaigns based on citizen opinion than even we realized.

This month-long open season for well-funded opponents to defeat those with enough support AFTER THE FACT – with no chance for recourse – is a terrible, but typical provision. However, many Utah legislators believe citizens should never have a path to override their stranglehold on law in the first place.

The law needs be changed so that nothing like this cynical circus can ever happen again.


We’d love to hear from more Utah Medical Association members about how they feel about their Board’s quixotic, dishonest campaign against patients – with their non-medical CEO, Michelle McOmber, dedicating dues money to spew and encourage the spewing of anti-scientific, inaccurate propaganda.

BTW, we recognize that as people and having different backgrounds, they vary, but we love physicians. National surveys show upwards of 3/4 of doctors are either in favor or interested in cannabis medicine.

The UMA DOESN’T represent all Utah doctors, nor really anything close to all of them as far as we can determine, and for many, joining may be more of an employer expectation than a personal, affirmative choice.

Further, it’s germane that the #UMA is NOT a scientific or research-based organization, rather a “professional association” dedicated first and foremost to its members best career interests. Visit their site. It’s clear what it’s about.


“…since its inception, UMA has evolved into the state’s foremost advocacy arm for the profession, protecting and enhancing the environment in which medicine is practiced in Utah, while providing membership benefits to assist in the day to day practice of the profession.”

Also note that it’s not too late to sign up for this year’s UMA golf tournament..! ?

Meanwhile, please hold fast, petition signers. There’s four more days of manipulation and dirty pool to endure.

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