A lot in one post: Cannabis reduces spasticity in spinal cord injuries and MS, plus the status of the medicine Sativex, the mystery of the FDA’s myopia and more…..

“New research indicates Sativex – a cannabis-derived pharmaceutical – can mitigate spasticity associated with prolonged spinal cord injury.

Conducted by a group of Spanish doctors in Valencia, Spain, a six-month study revealed that Sativex (a cannabinoid-based spray) may provide relief where Western medicine has failed.”

The drug has also been found to be effective in reducing spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis.

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Sativex (generic name: nabiximols) is considerably different than most of the “cannabinoid drugs” being made and/or developed by large drug companies. For one thing, it’s made from natural cannabis, not synthesized.

“Sativex is the world’s first multi-molecular marijuana medicine [TRUCE note: well, it’s the first from a modern pharmaceutical firm, as whole plant cannabis use goes back at least 8,000 years]. Nabixmols is the creation of GW pharmaceuticals… a biotech firm founded in England by two entrepreneurs.

Up until the creation of Sativex, most modern medicines were constructed into single molecule medicines. This conventional technique would not work for medical cannabis, as it is the full spectrum of cannabinoids working in conjunction with one another, which provide the medicinal benefits that MMJ patients seek out.

Whether by design … or as a marketing gimmick, Sativex has a total of 420 molecules based from just two primary ingredients THC and CBD. As an oral spray Sativex is primarily made up of marijuana’s natural cannabinoids and absolutely nothing else.”

See: http://bit.ly/2gyNSbz

However, and significantly – since it is a multi-molecule botanically-derived medicine, despite multiple efforts since 2007, while it is now available in many countries (over 30), the FDA is still holding to its totally outdated/unjustified “only-single-molecule-not-plant-medicines need apply” standards in the US.

And no, with the wealth of science out there, this STILL makes zero medical sense to us after our years of regularly noting the agency’s hidebound behavior.

Again, we’re most impressed by whole plant medicines, but recognize – that if the prohibitionists can be kept at bay – there will be a role for both those, and for specialized pharmaceutical preparations for particular medical applications.

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