The whole story about medical cannabis and heart health is by no means in… …some apparent bad news has been headlined and is generating lots of clicks…

…while behind the research scenes, things are more complicated and less sensational….

Excerpts (shortened – see whole worthwhile article):

“The recent death of Michael Ziobro in the United States and its press coverage have the world contemplating the association (if there is one) between medical cannabis use and cardiovascular disease.

Another 2017 study on the effects of cannabis use in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology concluded medical cannabis ‘may increase risk for hypertension mortality.’

One issue with this study is that, while the cannabis questions are specific to cannabis and the tobacco questions are separate, the two are NOT separate in the cardiovascular questionnaire.

Thus the results could be the results of tobacco smoking or consumption only and have nothing to do with cannabis consumption and the researchers would never know.

Also, medical cannabis is not always smoked, and it is unlikely that tinctures have the same effect on the CV system that smoking does.

For accurate information, other studies might be more solid.”

They conclude that well-controlled studies have yet to be done, and suggest that more needs to be learned….

All in all, the problem with studies like these are that all the variables are not controlled for.

Proving that cannabis or medical cannabis causes heart disease requires much more rigorous research studies that measure participants’ consumption habits on many different levels.”

Bottom line, while while cannabis has long been known to have some short term effect on blood pressure and pulse, medical experts have never noticed a proven, systematic association between MC and negative heart health over its thousands of years in use…

…and as we’re fond of noting, medical cannabis is properly consumed with medical supervision and in different patterns than in personal adult use scenarios… …and the harms of many RX medicines which MC is replacing in many states are in fact worse, better known and firmly established….

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