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More (and consistent) evidence – from a new study done by Columbia University confirming that legal medical cannabis is not associated in with increased teen use….

” ‘We found no evidence of an effect of [medical marijuana law] enactment in any [marijuana use] outcome for both men and women aged 12–17,’ researchers at Columbia University wrote in the journal Prevention Science. ‘Due to developmental concerns, [medical marijuana laws] are explicitly designed to restrict access to youth. As such, the lack of change in [marijuana use] outcomes among youth could reflect [medical marijuana laws] being implemented as intended’.”

…Imagine that…. ….well-designed laws with safeguards are generally working as intended…. ….come on, that’s crazy talk….!! ??

[An FYI Note for close followers of the MC saga: We’re noticing that Columbia University in particular is doing some of the best and most insightful wide-scale collating studies collected from various states and sources.]

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