Continuing our series – Medicinal cannabis: A matter of life and death (part five)….

Last Sunday we highlighted findings published by Dr. Thomas Clark of the University of Indiana concluding that medical cannabis, if legalized nationally, could save over 47,000 American lives annually.

The researchers reviewed studies published since 2000 on diseases and American mortality and used meta-analysis to break down the findings in multiple areas. These areas were then linked to articles on EACH area mentioned below.

We blogged several of these last Sunday and we’re highlighting the rest today.

(Lots of posts, ‘scuse, but lots of good info, promise. We have to laugh when people argue that little is known about cannabis, since there’s so much more than most people have time for and we do our best to pick what and how much to share.)

If you have time for a deeper dive, however, here’s a link to the complete (long, but highly interesting) original Indiana study:

Also, we encourage people to look at all sides. That’s why we put “credible source” in our blog’s motto.

And in that vein, other studies have suggested the opposite, i.e., present data indicating that cannabis could be tied to early mortality. Dr. Clark comments on the most recent of these studies here:

The Indiana Researchers examined the effects of:

-Cannabis on obesity
-Cannabis on cancer
-Cannabis on diabetes mellitus
-Cannabis on cardiovascular disease
-Cannabis on lung disease
-Cannabis on liver disease
-Cannabis on traumatic brain injury
-Cannabis on neurodegenerative/neuroinflammatory diseases
-Cannabis on opioid overdoses
-Cannabis on alcohol consumption
-Cannabis on driving

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