Sunday Special – Medicinal cannabis: A matter of life and death….

Part one: Introduction… …”A new study published by the University of Indiana (IU) indicates that medical cannabis, if legalized nationally, could be a true lifesaver. Per the Indiana study, approximately 47,500 American lives could be saved annually.

…The research scrutinized studies published since 2000 and evaluated the impact of legal medical cannabis on potentially fatal diseases and American ‘mortality’.

The effects of use on mortality from effects on organ systems and disease states considered most likely to be influenced by cannabis were investigated. These were cancer, appetite and metabolism, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, lung disease, and brain injury.

Then, data on changes in mortality rates or harmful behaviors following legalization of medical marijuana were analyzed.”

This article in turn is linked to articles on EACH area mentioned. We’ll post several here today, and more in the coming week, but they’re all linked in this article, and we’ve covered many recently as well…

Researchers examined the effects of:

-Cannabis on obesity
-Cannabis on cancer
-Cannabis on diabetes mellitus
-Cannabis on cardiovascular disease
-Cannabis on lung disease
-Cannabis on liver disease
-Cannabis on traumatic brain injury
-Cannabis on neurodegenerative/neuroinflammatory diseases
-Cannabis on opioid overdoses
-Cannabis on alcohol consumption
-Cannabis on driving

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See full article – Study: National Medical Marijuana Could Save Thousands of Lives Annually