A tale of two studies shows that while both are good news for child epilepsy sufferers (specifically those with Dravets Syndrome), they also show how the medical cannabis movement and industry is at a key legal and economic crossroads advocates need to stay aware of:

Story #1 (linked below): “A study in Australia discovered evidence to prove that medicinal cannabis or marijuana can reduce seizures of children with severe epilepsy.

According to a study published by the University of Melbourne, cannabidiol, a medical component of cannabis, can diminish seizures in more than 40 percent of children with a severe form of epilepsy.

The trial took place over 14 weeks with 120 children with Dravets Syndrome, a severe potentially lethal form of epilepsy, participating.

The lead author of the study, said it was a major milestone in using cannabis products to treat epilepsy.”

Story #2: The company GW Pharmaceuticals has developed a proprietary form of the same basic CBD medicine (to be marketed as “Epidiolex”) for which it is seeking FDA approval for exclusive nationwide distribution – even as the FDA/DEA classification system would still keep the Australian tested medicine (which can be made by hundreds of small American companies, tested for purity by the states and sold for far less cost) out of 21 states, resulting in a federally granted national monopoly and with most patients not even knowing “Epidiolex” is a form of medical cannabis….!


TRUCE take: Even as medical cannabis wins increasing approval and scientific validation across the land (and around the world), new forces seek to keep it in powerful, proprietary hands far from the control of the people in new ways, while simultaneously keeping medical cannabis as a whole stigmatized, federally prohibited and its full potential far from realized….

…it also seems that under current Utah law, that monopoly would extend to our state.

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