Every poll about Utahns’ attitudes toward legalizing medicinal cannabis in recent years has shown not only majority support, but also growing support across nearly every major demographic group in the state – to the latest – and highest to date figure of 77%..!

“The Legislature has failed most Utahns when it comes to legalizing medical marijuana for treatment of several diseases and chronic pain, a new UtahPolicy.com poll shows.

More than 3/4 of Utah’s adults – 77 percent – ‘strongly’ or ‘somewhat’ favor legalizing medical marijuana, a new survey for the online political newsletter by Dan Jones & Associates finds.

Only 21 percent oppose legalization of medical cannabis, while 3 percent don’t know.

Lawmakers in their just-completed 2018 general session declined to legalize medical marijuana in an expanded form but did pass a ‘right to try’ for [a very few] terminally-ill patients, at their doctor’s request.

A citizen initiative petition on medical cannabis use is moving forward towards the November election. You can read the petition here: https://bit.ly/2GsfTwx.”

Meanwhile, the poll goes into lots of detail The whole article is recommended, but here are some highlights:

“…the new survey shows that by far most Utahns are tired of waiting for medical marijuana legalization – they want the option of using the plant-based drug now…

Many Utahns being treated for cancer say cannabis helped them or loved ones, mainly through reducing nausea accompanying chemo and other therapies.

Support runs across demographic and religious groups.

Republicans support legalization, 67-31 percent. This is significant, because their elected state representatives are not doing what they want on this issue.

Democrats support the petition, 91-7 percent.

Political independents support it, 84-13 percent.

Watch the increase in support as one moves from “very conservative” politically to “very liberal:”

— Very conservative, 65 percent.

— Somewhat conservative, 70 percent.

— Moderate politically, 83 percent.

— Somewhat liberal, 89 percent.

— Very liberal, 96 percent.

The religious breakdown:

— Active Mormons support the petition, 66-30 percent.

— Somewhat active Mormons, 70-25 percent.

— Mormons who have left their faith, 90-10 percent.

— Catholics, 79-22 percent.

— Protestants, 81-19 percent.

— Those who belong to other faiths, 86-11 percent.

— Those who said they have no religion, 98-3 percent.”

The article also has other interesting analysis of the political power dynamics in play given these results.

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See full article – Support for legalizing medical marijuana in Utah remains strong as more than 3/4 Utahns support the idea