Fact-checking the recent KNRS radio town hall:

During the event, one dramatic moment occurred when the Utah Medical Association CEO, Michelle S. McOmber strongly challenged a the results of a survey of physicians which had been brought up by Connor Boyack of Utah Patients Coalition.

TRUCE is pleased to confirm that a 2013 study (published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine) found that in fact 76% of physicians (world-wide) support medical cannabis.

(And given the new research and many more countries and states with newly legal medical cannabis since 2013, we would expect the figure is higher now.)

Excerpts: “‘We were surprised by the outcome of polling and comments, with 76 percent of all votes in favor of the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes….’ the survey’s authors wrote.

The results include responses from 1,446 doctors from 72 different countries and 56 different states and provinces in North America.”

Results were consistent both across North America and elsewhere:

“Doctors surveyed were given a hypothetical case about a 68-year-old woman with breast cancer that had metastasized. They were asked if they would give her medical marijuana to help her with her symptoms.

More than three-quarters of the North American physicians approved in this scenario. About 78 percent of doctors outside the U.S. who responded supported the use as well.”

See also this from 2016: http://ift.tt/2wUibyQ

One of TRUCE’s key reasons for being is our commitment to bring Utahns the most credible information about medical cannabis available, so once again we’re pleased to set the record straight for our readers, and to help bring the UMA up to date.

The light of facts is the best way we know of to dispel the darkness of myths and stereotypes.

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