Debunking stat of the day…

Utah opponents (e.g., some representing the UMA): Physicians don’t favor medical cannabis

Reality: Doctors are very interested in learning more about how to use this new tool in their arsenal once they’re able to do so….


“An overwhelming majority of surveyed West Virginia physicians are ‘interested’ in medical cannabis, according to the Department of Health and Human Resources.

Of 1,455 physicians who took the online survey, 82 percent of them indicated their interest in medical marijuana, which will be legal in the state in July 2019 thanks to a law passed during the last legislative session.

Dr. Rahul Gupta, state health officer and commissioner of the state Bureau for Public Health, said the high response volume gives the state a sound outlook on patient and physician views of the looming change.

‘We found that to be compelling that there is a certain level of interest, not just from patients, but from the physician community,’ he said.”

You go, West Virginia…!! Hopefully another state we’re most fond of will be joining you in the 21st Century soon….

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See full article – Survey: 82 percent of WV doctors ‘interested’ in medical marijuana