Young people are intensely curious about the world around them and the kinds of experiences it has to offer.

Arming our children with accurate information, not stereotypes and myths, leads to better choices and outcomes as they come to understand the role cannabis plays in health and the legitimate reasons for giving it a wide berth during adolescence, except as prescribed for medical reasons.

OTOH, discouraging cannabis use via transparently false, fear-inducing propaganda actually leads to disrespect of authority and more determination to try it than knowing the actual facts.

Prohibiting medical use out of irrational beliefs about the plant has been shown to not help in the least, and in fact may be counter-productive in terms of getting kids to give personal use a wide berth.

Further, a growing body of research indicates that medical use simply doesn’t promote youth use – and has ld to drops in some states. So even if they have an interest, communicating that it’s safer to wait until their brains are fully developed is greatly in their own interest.

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